Dilly Dally and Butt Tape, North Carolina, USA

Who are they?
Two adventurers… Sometimes packing your life into a storage unit and a small bag seems to be the way to go.  Dilly Dally and Butt Tape are hiking the Appalachian Trail flip-flop style.  They started in Harper’s Ferry  and hiked north to Mount Katahdin in Maine.  After summiting Katahdin they returned to Harper’s Ferry to continue south to Springer Mountain, Georgia where their thru-hike will be complete.

Scariest Moment?
Coming across the first rattle snake was quite the startle.  When they saw four in Connecticut in less than a mile they realized there were bigger  things to start thinking about: like when did Connecticut adopt rattle snakes?

Can’t live without:
Dilly Dally – Small collection of essential oils, especially the one used to spray down TP to freshen up.
Butt Tape – Coffee.  A simple side to go along with the breakfast he cooks up every morning for himself and Dilly Dally.

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