Gibberish, Moonshine, and Pneuma, Alabama, USA

Stories from the trail

Did that really happen?

Is it a Hostel or Mountain Tim’s Tool Shed?!
Part of being on trail is rolling with the punches and it seems in this situation everyone was doing just that.  Gibberish and Moonshine wandered into what they believed to be a hostel just off the trail. Despite its derelict appearance, they decided to stay and wait out the weather.  The owner, “Mountain Tim,” as he was dubbed, had a heavy appalachian drawl and made it clear the fridge held beer.  The floorboard gaps provided adequate A/C during the snow storm and the privy was out back, filled with all of the re-homed tools from the “bunk house.”   During the resupply trip into town it became evident that Mountain Tim had used someone else’s  misfortune to make a couple bucks. The burned building in town with the word HOSTEL on the sign provided all the answers.


Grand Theft Auto?!
Have you ever had that feeling someone was following you?  That’s just what happened to Gibberish as he wandered along the roadside with Pneuma during their evening town walk.  Gibberish realized there was a car slowly creeping along behind him, clearly following his every move.  Eventually the car pulled up along side him and the driver identified themselves as local police.  It seems someone had  reported  a stolen a car from a nearby parking lot and the description of the thief matched Gibberish.  Poor Gibberish was detained roadside while they questioned him regarding why he was in town and why he didn’t have his ID on him.  Don’t know about you but if I’d just stolen a car during my thru hike I don’t think I’d stick around, cars go faster than feet.


After the trail:

Moonshine is planning to transform the trail into a 14 piece series of oil paints, one piece for each state.


The little quirks of hiking with a dog:

Moonshine: loves it when giving Pneuma a treat and Pneuma’s eyes cross.
Gibberish: loves how innately gentle Pneuma is while taking treats.
Pneuma: LOVES meeting all the new folks on trail.

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