Eric, Kentucky, USA

“I came to New Hampshire because I love to travel. I think there are some times where you need to get away from the world. Everyone is tied to their phone. It’s to be nice to say, ‘Hey, I’m turning my phone off, see ya.’ There was one stretch when I was driving through the mountains here where I would have no service for two hours at a time and my phone became completely useless. It was so nice to not even think about it and it made me realize how much we have lost the art of conversation. In Appalachia, where I grew up, quilting was something that was huge and no one knows how to do it anymore in this age of social media. With texting and tweets, conversations don’t go more than a few words. People aren’t talking below the surface anymore. I just see it getting worse. I think our society needs to realize that we do not need our technology to survive, we just need ourselves.”

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