“Data”, Colorado, USA

“The Triple Crown [completing the Appalachian Trail, the Continental Divide Trail, and the Pacific Crest Trail] is a big accomplishment for experienced backpackers. Most people never have the intention of completing it, it just happens to work out that way. I decided to hike the Pacific Crest Trail a while back. It was an amazing experience — 2,700 miles — and after I finished the hike I came to the realization that I really loved long distance backpacking. So I decided to do the Continental Divide Trail, which is a 3,000 mile long trail, and it is extremely difficult. You’re battling a lot of different elements, there’s snow every single month, lightening storms… I had many wild grizzly bear encounters. And it’s a really undeveloped trail, not many hikers complete it, so  the few hikers that are out there are extremely bonded together. I never really thought much about doing the Appalachian Trail until I finished the CDT and decided that I wanted to be a Triple Crown backpacker.  And now I’m here, two years later. Though being out here made me realize that it’s so much more then that, that the title means nothing. I’m out here because I want to see new states, new parts of our country,  and have a new experience hiking the longest continuous foot path in the world.”

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