Darrell & Linda Barrett, Georgia, USA

“There are so many materialistic things in this world, so the second part of our lives, we are trying to deconstruct and serve. When we did the Camino de Santiago, we did it basically as a mission trip. The people who are walking the Camino are doing it for the same reason as people who are walking the Appalachian Trail; they’re in between jobs, they don’t know what they’re doing with their life yet. We walked and prayed with people, and after walking 550 miles of it people were just coming up  and hugging us. We never got lost on the trail but we were walking with this man named John, and we came across this poorly marked area and we ended up going two hours in the wrong direction. I was telling him about the struggles in my life and how he can help himself cope with his own. It truly was a blessing in disguise because in that unplanned period of time, we were able to change this man’s life.”

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