“Gypsy Jay”, Illinois, USA

“I have been traveling across the United States for the past 15 years, doing classes on sound healing and performances with “singing” crystal bowls. It has  kept evolving into educating people on how to shift their vibrations. 

“Albert Einstein talks about how all things have a vibrational frequency. At the very end of his life, he said that ‘peace is the highest vibration.’ I found that if peace is a high vibration, then negativity is a low vibration. I found that the singing bowls help shift vibrations to a place that people want to be in their higher consciousness.

“I’ve gone to mental institutions, recovery centers, I’ve worked with men and women coming out of prison, children with autism… Each and every time, it brings them into a place of harmony and balance, without the need for medications or drugs. I’m bringing my passion to people to elevate them and bring them to a place where they can find peace and serenity.”

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